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At FrontRange Capital, we specialize in strategic partnerships with leading middle-market real estate companies.

We provide both the capital and operational expertise for management teams to further institutionalize their businesses and execute their growth plans. We strive to serve our investors by being a partner of choice for real estate owners and operators, with investment opportunities and financial terms that reflect the value we bring to each relationship.


We are relationship investors, tailoring our investments to meet the needs of each operating partner. We provide Co-GP growth capital at the platform, fund, and property levels, as well as mezzanine debt, preferred equity, and common equity for property joint ventures.

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FrontRange Team

Our team members serve both our investors and operating partners by bringing extensive transactional and operating expertise to each relationship.

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  • Capital Preservation

    Our primary objective is to deliver superior investment returns while prioritizing capital preservation. We seek to mitigate downside exposure through geographic, operator, and sector diversification, comprehensive due diligence, conservative underwriting and leverage, and structures that offer positive asymmetric risk for our investors.

  • Consistent Optimized Returns

    We manage portfolio construction and investment duration with the objective of optimizing rates of return and profits for our investors. We strive for consistent returns by taking a disciplined approach to the pace of investments, and selling opportunistically when markets conditions are attractive.

  • Institutional Quality Assets

    While many types of assets can deliver attractive returns when times are good, we believe institutional quality properties in premium locations offer superior risk-adjusted returns over the long term. We focus on investing in larger U.S. markets which, in our experience, offer greater liquidity throughout the real estate cycle.

  • Growth Markets

    We follow the jobs, focusing on investments in business friendly, lower tax states where we expect above average population and job growth. Within these markets, we target locations with a large percentage of higher wage jobs, especially in technology, media, finance, and healthcare.

  • Specialization

    We believe that sticking to what we do best will generate the best results. We leverage our core strengths by investing in markets and sectors we know well and in opportunities that capitalize on our reputation as a high-value partner to real estate operators. Each of our fund investment strategies is highly focused, providing our investors with distinct opportunities to invest in strategies that meet their objectives.